Digital Rain Factory focus is on the use of Digital Storytelling in education, language comprehension, citizen journalism, community building, and personal development.

-Working with nonprofit organizations to provide positive experiences designed to help youth excel in school, engage within their communities, and develop leadership and career skills.

-Providing youth the opportunity to engage in useful social commentary that can educate and inform Social Service and Educational Providers.

-Providing voice to the youth served by social initiatives.

-Providing critical evaluation and research data on the effectiveness of social and educational initiatives and policy.

-Committed to educating, empowering and employing youth to take their communities into the future of Digital Technology.

-Helping to create a socially responsible generation, empowered by a keen awareness of Digital Technology.

Youth Leadership Initiative: Stories created by youth that reflect upon their unique perspectives on community and social change awareness.

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Cultivating Storytelling for Non-Profits