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Digital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling is a new way to help ordinary people tell their own true stories.

Digital Storytelling
These personal narratives resonate and connect with everyday people. By using the power of Digital Storytelling to educate, inform and inspire, organizations can promote community and a call-to-action.

We help our client organizations incorporate seven capacity building skills:

1. Utilize digital stories in e-mail campaigns
2. Feature Digital Stories on their own organization web page
3. Create a web channel for their digital stories
4. Create a multi-media organization blog
5. Create an audio podcast utilizing digital stories
6. Intergrate digital stories into story-mapping
7. Align their message with their digital stories

Digital Rain Factory is a creative services social enterprise, specializing in the art and craft of Digital Storytelling to create authentic New Media.

We help your organization tell their unique story.

Selected Stories: Some examples of how we use Digital Stories.
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