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Community Partner Workshops
Provide an opportunity for Non-Profit Organizations, Funders, Educators, Arts Organizations, Cause Advocates and Community Members to learn how to tell their digital stories.

Consider becoming a Community Partner. Create a Storytelling Culture in your organization while learning how to tell their digital stories with technology tools. Create "shareable media" for your social media campaigns, internal communication and special events.

Who are Community Partners:
Health and Human Services Organizations
Government Agencies
Educational Institutions
Non-Profit Organizations
Arts Organizations
Cause Advocates
Community Members

Please Contact Director of Special Projects & Curriculum Development Gayle Nicholls to implement a customized, capacity-building, program that will create a sustainable culture of storytelling for your organization.

If you want to arrange a workshop with your organization, family, friends or social groups, email us for special pricing at

p: 626/ 344-9077

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